About Whitewood Tax Solutions 


Founded in 2011, Whitewood Tax Solutions focuses on helping taxpayers and tax professionals resolve IRS problems.


Our staff of Enrolled Agent's and Retention Specialists are experts in helping taxpayers who owe the IRS and/or the State Taxing Authority find a resolution program that works for them long-term.


We also have been successful in helping people fix the issues caused by other firms that attempted to help them who had limited experience in this specialized industry and/or that closed without finishing their case.

Our goal is to be your "Tax Help Experts For Life" so we are focused on ensuring that your problem is fixed for good, which is why we created our Tax Protection Plans for those clients whose problems we resolved. 


The "Whitewood Way" is to resolve your tax problem in an affordable yet highly effective manner and plan a tax debt free future.

With hundreds of referral partners in tax offices across the country, we will be here to help you and your tax preparer / accountant for the long haul.


Get in touch with one of our Enrolled Agents today by calling us at 1-800-371-1439 Ext 1 or by clicking HERE to request a call from our team.